Things to do near Stamford, CT-Caramoor Center for Music & the Arts

This is so much to do within 30 minutes of Stamford, Connecticut. Here is one wonderful destination to visit for music, art, house and garden tours and educational classes.

Caramoor is the legacy of Walter and Lucie Rosen, who established the estate and built a great house as its centerpiece, filling it with treasures collected on their travels. Walter Rosen was the master planner, bringing to reality his dream of creating a place to entertain friends from around the world. Their legendary musical evenings were the seeds of today’s Summer Music Festival, held annually on the estate. What is now known as the Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts was originally created by a foundation established by the Rosens to operate the estate in perpetuity. Lucie Rosen once said that people feel they have gone to another country and another time when they visit Caramoor. Because the Rosens were touched by this, by the obvious pleasure their friends took in Caramoor’s beauty, they decided to leave their home as a legacy for all to enjoy after they had gone. It is to the vision and energy of this inspirational couple that thousands owe their enjoyment of Caramoor each year.

We had the pleasure of seeing Patti Lupone at Caramoor a few weeks ago. Just another reason to consider living in Stamford, Connecticut. If you are interested in looking at homes to rent or buy in Stamford, please call Chris Maroc, 914-215-2025.


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