Use Technology To Include Friends In Your Home Search

by Realty Times Staff  

Depending on your desired area of residence, budget and personal preferences, searching for a new place to call home can be tedious. Whether it be an apartment, condo, townhouse or single-residence you’re in the market for, including close family and friends in your search can alleviate some of the stress associated with the process. But, if you live in a different city, you can still include your friends via technology.

Start a Blog

Using a tool like Blogger or WordPress, you can write about every step of your house-hunting journey. This way your closest friends and relatives can share their thoughts, suggestions and honest feedback on the properties you’re considering. Here are a few post ideas:

Start with a comprehensive wish list of features you’re looking for in your next home. This will serve as a guide to others, outside of your realtor, who can provide information on properties that may best suit your needs.

The next series of posts can be similar to diary entries, detailing your experiences, likes and dislikes at each property. Publishing your thoughts on each property can be useful when it’s time to narrow down your options. Plus, your friends can better help you make the final decision this way.

To wrap things up, publish a post revealing your final decision so those involved in the process can see which property you decided to go with. After all, a big-reveal blog post is much more exciting than a generic text message. Also, use this as an opportunity to thank those who helped you make your decision.

Once you’re all settled in, post pictures to show off the new place you call home.

Designate a Hashtag

If Twitter is more your style than a blog, create your own customized hashtag to discuss your house hunting with your friends. Your designated hashtag will help filter out irrelevant tweets and create patterns so that you never miss a moment of the conversation. And, just like with a blog, you can post pictures, information and feelings about each property so that your friends are included in the experience and can help you make a smart decision.

Create Virtual Tours

Once you’ve narrowed down your selections, it’s fairly simple to create a virtual tour using pictures or videos. All you need to do is embed the hyperlinks into an email message and hit send, leaving it up to the recipients to browse the pictures at their own convenience. But, if you really want to give them an up close and personal view of the property, use your tablet to connect with them on Google Hangouts, Skype or Facetime. This way you can take them on a guided tour and talk to them while you’re at the property. Friends and family will be able to get a complete feel of the property and give you honest feedback since pictures sometimes miss important details.

Overall, your friends and family can help you make a wise decision. By using technology, you can track all the important details and keep everyone in the loop.


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