10 Attics That Prove You Are Wasting An Entire Room In Your Home

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Posted: 02/14/2015 7:00 am EST Updated: 02/14/2015 7:00 am EST

Stop storing all your junk in your attic and start using it as a room. It may be a small space, but it has so much more to offer than burial grounds for all the stuff you can’t bear to part with. You could turn it into a beautiful bedroom, an office or even a personal home theater.

If you’re having trouble visualizing your attic’s potential, here’s some information to help you along. But warning: These 10 attics might put yours to shame.

1. This bedroom attic has a swing and that just makes it even more fun.


2. This attic is the perfect spot for a cozy home office (with just enough space for a mini bar).


3. This attic was transformed it into a personal movie theater.

Credit: Imgur user

4. This tented attic makes for a relaxing lounge area.

Credit: Imgur user

5. This bedroom attic is basically a whole apartment in itself.

Credit: Imgur user

6. This attic and sofa couldn’t be a cuter pair.


7. This attic kept it minimal for a really striking effect.

Credit: Paul Massey

8. This attic bedroom is like sleeping in a cozy tunnel.

Credit: Imgur user

9. This attic proves to be the perfect place for a man cave.

Credit: Imgur user

10. And just check out the view an attic bedroom has the potential to give you.

Credit: Imgur user



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