Charlestown 2014 | A Rowhouse Reimagined,,20873619,00.html

After five months of work in Charlestown, the exterior is nicely restored thanks to a new dormer, windows, shutters, and front entry. Inside, Kevin finds systems integrator Greg Smizer test-driving the new internet-based security system, wireless music system and remote controlled window shades with solar battery back up. Norm meets closet designer Brian McSharry to see the pros and cons of designing a closet around a window. Richard shows Angela the basics of cooking with induction technology—her new cooktop relies on a magnetic field to generate heat within the pots and pans, instead of a traditional heating element. Norm meets up with Richard in the partially unfinished basement to see the mechanical room, where the systems integrate to provide comfort for the whole house. Kevin checks out Angela’s new outdoor kitchen: powder coated stainless steel cabinets, a gas grill, and soapstone countertops. On the third floor, Kevin finds Angela and her mission accomplished: a serene master suite retreat where she can rest and relax. On the second floor, interior designer Kathy Marshall shows Norm the changes to the guest room, guest bath and bold new living room painted cranberry red, even on the ceiling. Downstairs, Kathy joins Angela and Kevin to see the former dining room transformed into a sophisticated sitting room, and all of the details of the new kitchen: cabinetry, tile, storage, a splashy new powder room, and the window seat addition that was worth all of the hard work


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